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The following two examples demonstrate how capacitance is selected on an Oersted Technology magnetizer:

Example 1: When an ECS select switch is on (with the toggle switched flipped to the upper position), the magnetizer's charging voltage will be sent to the capacitor bank associated with that the switch. In Figure 1, the 1.25mF select switch is on and the other five switches are off, so only the 1.25mF capacitor bank is selected. In addition to any selected banks, the magnetizer contains an unswitched capacitor bank. The total capacitance selected for charging is 2.5mF.

Example 2: In Figure 2, all of the ECS select switches are on. Therefore, all six of the magnetizer's capacitor banks (as well as the fixed bank) will be charged by the selected charging voltage. The total capacitance selected (plus the unswitched 1.25mF bank) is 80mF. This is the maximum capacitance available on the Model 340B magnetizer.

Figure 1 : 2.5mF total (including fixed capacitance)
Figure 2 : 80mF total (including fixed capacitance)
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