Model 450 Gaussmeter
Measures DC or AC magnetic fields

Features Max Hold, Autorange, Alarm, Relative and Filter modes

Resolution to 5 ¾ digits (1 part in ±300,000)

DC accuracy is ±0.10% of reading

High-visibility vacuum-fluorescent display is easily read at a distance

Analog voltage outputs, RS232C serial port, and
IEEE-488 port

Includes axial or transverse probe
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Price: $ 3,069
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The Model 450 is a high-resolution, laboratory gaussmeter, capable of measuring magnetic fields from 0.001 Gauss to 300kGauss (measurement range is dependent on probe used). This unit is designed for demanding applications, such as material analysis and field mapping, where low-noise, high-resolution magnetic measurements are necessary. Measurements of AC and DC magnetic fields are shown in Gauss or Tesla on the two-line vacuum fluorescent display. The Model 450 features RS232C and IEEE-488 ports, allowing the instrument to be controlled via a remote computer or automation equipment. A hall-effect gaussmeter probe is included with the Model 450, and may be selected from an extensive line of probe constructions.
General Specifications
Measurement Ranges 300mG / 3 G / 30 G / 300 G / 3 kG / 30 kG / 300 kG
(range is dependent on probe type)
Resolution 0.001mG (when used with filter on and appropriate probe)
Accuracy, DC (displayed) ± 0.10% of reading; ± 0.005% of range
Accuracy, AC (displayed) ± 2% of reading, rms (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Frequency Range 10 Hz - 400 Hz
Update Rate 5 readings / sec (display); up to 18 readings / sec on ports
Display Resolution ± 5 3/4 digits (max.)
Measurement Modes DC, RMS, Peak
Measurement Features Auto Range, Max Hold, Relative Mode, Filter
Measurement Units Gauss or Tesla (with u, m, and k multipliers)
Probes Features Linearity correction, auto probe zero,
temperature correction
Types Axial, transverse, flexible transverse
Compatibility Standard and custom probes available
Connector 15-pin D-style
Front Panel Display Vacuum-Flourescent, high-visibiliy blue, 2 lines x 20 characters
Communication Ports RS232C (300 / 1200 / 9600 Baud)
IEEE-488 (complies with IEEE-488.2)
Alarms Settings High/low set point, inside/outside, audible
Actuators Display annunciator, beeper
Temperature Range 15 - 35° C (operating temp; 5 - 40° with reduced accuracy)
Input Power 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz (select voltage when ordering)
Analog Outputs
Analog Outputs 1
(monitor output )
Configuration Real-time analog output voltage
Output Voltage ± 3V = ± FS on selected range
Accuracy Probe dependent
Frequency Response DC to 400 Hz
Analog Output 2
(corrected output)
Configuration Output voltage from DAC
Output Voltage ± 3V (Model 450-10: ± 10V)
Accuracy ± 0.1% of FS
Update Rate 5 updates / sec
Connectors 2 x BNC jacks
Net Weight 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
Size (W x H x D) 8.5" x 3.5" x 12.5" (217mm x 90mm x 317mm; fits in half-rack space)
Package Contents Gaussmeter, manual, zero-gauss chamber, line cord,
probe (select from axial, transverse, or flexible transverse models)
Software Labview driver (available for download)
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